About Jasmine

As the name has already spoken itself, JASMINE!


The sweet fragrance of Jasmine flower is the popular name around the world for “Jasmine Rice” among every household kitchen when thinking about home cooking Asian foods.

Today, Kelly and Bee (the co-owner) had re-created Jasmine Thai Cuisine to offer an artisan Thai foods for all the food lovers here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kelly & Bee carefully selected high quality ingredients to serve on every plates at Jasmine. As being the first generation Thai Chef at one of the most famous Thai restaurant locally in the past, Bee has earned trust from diners as a Chef who know how to cook what peoples love to eat.

On the other hand Kelly has brought the young vibes into the Thai Food industry and working to grow the popularity from the local by offering the best hospitality and customer service in town.

Next time you visit Kelly & Bee, don’t forget to try their specialty dishes that only served at Jasmine Thai Cuisine.

Thank you,

Kelly & Bee

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